The new ftrack integrations into Maya, Nuke, 3DS Max and others offers a better user experience to professional Creatives by focusing on a responsive, fast and user friendly interface. While doing this our goal is to provide a more flexible framework for Developers and TDs to extend and enhance the tools.

Our tools offers a standardised way of publishing and managing your assets. A brief overview of the functionality:

Publish asset version (Technical preview):
 Publish asset versions to ftrack from popular applications. Starting with Maya and Nuke.
Import asset version (Coming soon):
 Import a published asset version from ftrack into your favorite.
Switch asset version (Coming soon):
 Switching asset versions that are already in the imported into the application.


Note that the state of this tool is currently tech preview and it should not be used in production.

Both the interface and the source and structure of the plugin will change before final release.

See also

General documentation on Maya usage and Nuke usage of the tools.