asset plugin

A python plugin that is responsible of publish, import and switching of an asset version.

See Asset plugin to learn more about how to develop your own plugin.

ftrack Connect

Integration of ftrack with other systems and the desktop. Provided by a core service that runs on each individuals machine and then separate integration plugins into a variety of third-party software.

See also

ftrack Connect

ftrack Connect package
ftrack Connect package is a pre-built bundle of ftrack Connect and the most commonly used ftrack Connect plugins.
A python client for the ftrack api. See
import dialog
Used for importing assets into Maya, Nuke and other applications. Part of the current ftrack Connect package integrations.
publish action
An action registered by an asset plugin that manages the publish of an asset version.
publish dialog
A dialog that shows a list of possible items to publish and necessary options.

“Pyblish is a free, open-source (LGPL) framework written in Python that brings test-driven development to visual effects and triple-A game creation.”

– Pyblish website.

Please visit for more information.

pyblish plugin
A plugin to pyblish used as part of publishing.